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Saturday, February 22, 2014

With IRS, FCC, Attacks on Free Speech, Ukraine, Venezuela Unrest COULD Happen Here

Any effort to criminalize legitimate opposition ultimately leads to tyranny and violence!

In Ukraine, a bloody government crackdown on protesters created scenes that look like they are right out of some Hollywood horror story.

Things are a tad less bloody in Venezuela where despite the nation's oil wealth the average citizen faces shortages of essentials like toilet paper and milk.

Governments in both Ukraine and Venezuela share other common traits.
  •  Both are socialist countries aligned with communist boss states. Venezuela is an ally of Cuba and leaders in Ukraine are attempting to take the country back under Russian control. 
  • Both have rewritten constitutions to maintain and expand power. 
  • Both have criminalized opposition and arrested opposition leaders.
  • Both have limited free speech and sought to control the news media. 
  • Both are using violence to protect corrupt regimes that squander the wealth of the people.
It could never happen here right?

Or could it? Obama has:
  • Ignored the U.S. Constitution and rewritten or ignored laws unilaterally.
  • Given billions in taxpayer funds to corrupt union and green energy cronies
  • Sought to use the IRS to punish members of the opposition Tea Party and Romney backers.
  • Waged a campaign to delegitimize Fox News and other critical media. Using the Federal Communications Commission to monitor newscasts.
  • Used the Department of Justice to target opponents (Dinesh D'Souza comes to mind) and overturn state election laws.
  • Used the Department of Justice to spy on reporters and obtain phone records.
That's just a short list. I invite readers to add to it.

Add to this the fact that long before Obama arrived on the scene academics were using their privileged positions to brainwash students and shut out or shout down alternate points of view.

So far, Obama's thugocracy hasn't engaged in violent attacks on opposition. But one wonders why the Department of Homeland Security needs to order more than 700 million rounds of ammunition.

UPDATE: Good news in Ukraine: Former communists have abandoned the fight and fled from office. Americans will have to wait three more years to begin restoring our freedom!

UPDATE: North Korean Concentration Camps: Something Obama can aspire to replicate? A report in the Daily Mail describing the horror of being on the wrong side of the government in a worker's paradise.

UPDATE: Daily Mail has Ukraine Revolution in pictures.

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