Trump Jamboree

Trump Jamboree

For eight long years the world watched as U.S. leadership retreated and the bad guys grew stronger.
Well, there's a NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Stock Up on Soy Sauce NOW! Under Obama U.S. Now Concedes World Economic Superpower Status to China

Obama shows the
proper way to bow
to our new Chinese
It won't be long before we're all taught to kowtow to our masters and learn Chinese!

As the U.S. economy under Obama's stewardship continues to post the weakest economic performance since World War II we are now on the cusp of seeing our economic power eclipsed by China. The Financial Times broke the news Wednesday.

Now, this may not make much difference to the lemmings who continue to follow Obama's Pied Piper routine. There will still be Superbowls, Dancing with the Stars and NBA Playoffs to keep their minds off things. But at this rate, their grandchildren will be speaking Chinese. Better stock up on Soy Sauce NOW!

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