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John Bolton

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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Here's What a REAL War on Women Looks Like: Islamic Extremists Commanded by Allah to Sell Hundreds of Kidnapped Girls in Nigeria!

What a shame those who use the "war on women" theme for politics in this country don't have a true perspective on the problem!

Show me the Republican or Tea Party leader who comes anywhere close to this monster whose group of Islamic crazies (I thought Al Queda was on the run?) abducted hundreds of young Nigerian girls from a school who are now being raped and may be offered up for sale.

"Western education should end.... Girl you should go and get married. I abducted your girls. I will sell them in the market by Allah!"
We see rich Georgetown Lawyer Sandra Fluke bemoaning the fact she has to pay for her contraceptives while Democrats declare that the GOP is waging a war on women. Perhaps we should send Sandra Fluke over to Nigeria so she can see what a real war looks like. Did any Tea Party leader object to her western education and insist she get married? Nope!

A real war on women exists in the Islamic world and you will barely hear one word said about it by the same American left who say the GOP is waging a war on women. I guess the left isn't worried that a Tea Partier will rape and behead them!

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