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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Once Again, Obama Ignores Issues Americans Care About Most with Another Pivot to Climate Change. Plus: Focus Puts Lives at Risk in Developing World

There are real people suffering that could be helped but instead Obama wastes another week on his pet project to shake down Americans for more taxes (none of which will do the slightest to improve climate change)!

Democrat's critical of the GOP plan for a special committee to investigate the Benghazi attack do so by suggesting that it's taking time away from the more important work of helping Americans get back to work. Of course those same Democrats taking that line ignore the 40 jobs bills passed by the House but sitting idle in the U.S. Senate with no action.

Considering how Democrats insist we must focus our energy on helping Americans get back to work, isn't it odd that Obama is taking the week to talk mainly about global warming? That issue doesn't even make the bottom of the Gallup Poll of issues the American people care most about.

Yet here we are with Obama getting ready for another blitz on the issue to coincide with the release of the National Climate Assessment, a piece of deliberate propaganda bought and paid for by taxpayer dollars. Expect a full week of scaremongering and straw man arguments.

Does Obama Not Care About Starving Children in Africa?

For years I have warned that this hysteric and flawed focus on global warming takes attention and resources away from REAL human problems like hunger, disease and literacy worldwide. There's only so much outrage to go around and with all the Hollywood types spouting nonsense about hurricanes (which aren't increasing in number and severity the same as other extreme weather events) or hand wringing about the demise of the polar bears (they're doing just fine) have we lost sight of starving kids in Africa?

I'm glad to hear someone else saying it as well. A leftist writing in the Wall Street Journal proclaims we are "sacrificing Africa for climate change" by blocking international development of stable electric supply for Africa. It's not called the "Dark Continent" because of the skin color of it's inhabitants but because there is little reliable power. That's power needed to provide a stable economy, clean water and refrigeration for life saving medicine and vaccines. Not to mention better ways to produce and store food.

The thought of the Hollywood left flying around in private jets and living in multiple air conditioned homes yet objecting to energy for Africans simply trying to survive is beyond hypocrisy. It's criminal. Yet, left wing fascists want to put those who disagree on climate change in jail. That should be criminal too!

The good news is that Obama's latest push for climate change won't go anywhere. Few in the U.S. are being fooled anymore by the hype. The bad news is that not only does Obama continue to waste time and money on a non problem, he still can make the lives of Africans and others in developing nations miserable!

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