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Thursday, July 24, 2014

I Stand with Israel: Let them Finish the Job and Defeat Hamas!

And please. No more phony arguments about moral equivalence!

Remember when Israel was told "trade land for peace?" Give back control of Gaza to the Palestinians and all will be well. The minute Israel did the Palestinians under Hamas started launching rockets at Israel. These Islamic fanatics have launched THOUSANDS of rockets at Israel. These are deliberate offensive acts.

Now we learn that Hamas has built dozens of tunnels under the border with Israel. The purpose of these is not defensive in any way but to offer means of conducting attacks against innocent Israelis. We also learn from the United Nations that Hamas has hidden rockets in schools and children's playgrounds as well as hospitals and mosques.

And who can forget the Palestinian celebrations of the abduction of three Israeli teenagers who were later found murdered. Meanwhile, Palestinians use children's television programs to teach their children to hate and kill.

There's a graphic which describes the contrast between Israelis and Hamas perfectly:

There's a saying that if the Arabs would put down their weapons today there would be peace in the Middle East. If Israel put down it's weapons the Jews would all be killed.

I have NO SYMPATHY whatsoever for Hamas and the Palestinians who refuse every effort to find real solutions to a peaceful resolution of this conflict. Neither do I have any consideration for the views of people currently pushing a cease fire yet who ignored the thousands of rockets and other transgressions by Hamas.

Let Israel finish the job the way they want. Now is a perfect time for Obama to lead from behind and do nothing. He's good at that!

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