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John Bolton

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Russian Rebels Shoot Down Two More Jets Over Ukraine

Obama too busy with fundraisers to comment!

It's been a week since Obama made some vague muttering about imposing "costs" and "isolation" on Russia for their part in the Ukrainian mess. Anyone looking for a sign about Putin's intentions got the message this Monday when Russian rebels shot down two Ukrainian fighter jets. No word from Obama. He's too busy fundraising but we can imagine that when he does comment he'll make another meaningless statement.

The Russian rebels have been shooting down aircraft with impunity and we've done nothing to help Ukraine defend itself. We could offer defensive weapons that would counter the Russian supplied weapons but instead we've sent military rations and socks. And you wonder why Putin doesn't care what Obama says? The world is becoming a far more dangerous and deadly place because of a lack of American leadership.  If we won't help our friends when they need it, who will be there to help us?

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