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Monday, July 14, 2014

Is Obama on Side of Americans or Illegals in Border Invasion? Quick Steps He Could Take to Stop the Flow. Will He?

Obama's policies continue to cause this humanitarian crisis!

Previously I posted the letter from the grieving mother of a police veteran killed by a drunk driver who was an illegal alien and had not been deported despite prior arrests. I asked "whose side Obama is on? That of American citizens or that of those who break our laws to come here illegally?" I'll now answer that question.

The current immigration crisis didn't come out of nowhere. The flood of illegal minors began in 2012 after Obama declared he would unilaterally change current immigration law and not deport minor children. The L.A. Times reports that in 2012, the year Obama took this action, the number of illegal children crossing the border jumped from the average of 4,000 to over 10,000. In 2013 it was over 20,000. Since October the flood is nearly 40,000. The word got out to Central America that if the kids could only get here they could stay. It's impossible to say how many died on the dangerous trip north but they don't call the overburdened trains "death trains" for nothing. Now we learn that bodies of young children are washing up along the banks of the Rio Grande river.

This is also an issue on which Obama cannot feign ignorance as he is wont to do. Rick Perry, Governor of one of our largest states has repeatedly written to Obama to alert him to the problem and request his help. Here's Perry's May 2012 letter:

In 2012 Perry warned that:
This is precisely what happens when the federal govemment refuses to recognize its
responsibility for our nation's immigration and border security, and fails to immediately work with the countries of origin to return these unaccompanied illegal minors to their homes.
Every child allowed to remain encourages hundreds more to attempt the journey. Our country can no longer provide the temptation for these unaccompanied minors to engage in this tragic and illegal migration. To end it, the federal government must stop new arrivals at the border, repatriate those already here and prevent and discourage others.
This must stop, Mr. President, and it is your responsibility to make that happen.
Unfortunately, Obama doesn't listen to governors any more than he listens to Republicans in Congress, or for that matter, members of his own party. He has a political agenda and using immigration to score political points is at the top of that list. Instead of making statements that are unambiguously clear that we will not allow illegal immigrants to stay, he goes out of his way to praise immigrants and demand Congress pass "comprehensive" immigration reform. The word comprehensive is viewed both by opponents of the legislation and illegals as code for amnesty for illegals.

On July 3rd Obama gathered a group of illegal immigrant activists at the White House and while he talked tough regarding the current wave of illegals he promised to do whatever he could to assure that the millions who were here already could stay. On July 4 he held a naturalization ceremony at the White House where he praised immigrants. Finally, Obama let the cat out of the bag the whole way. When illegal immigrants heckled him at a speech in Austin, Texas on July 10, Obama invited them backstage to hear their pleas. And he told them "I'm on your side man." No doubt that message made it back to Central America too!

Obama Requests $3.7 Billion to Ease Illegals Stay

Perhaps the biggest sign that Obama isn't serious about stopping the invasion of illegals comes from his request for emergency spending to address the crisis. Last week Obama requested $3.7 billion in emergency spending to address the crisis. Yet the biggest chunk of money doesn't go to stopping the invasion but to providing long term care and lawyers for those who arrive. What does it say when Obama's focus is on "acquisition, construction, improvement, repair, operation, and maintenance of real property and facilities?" One estimate puts the spending at $250 per illegal per day. Nice work if you can get it!

Actual spending increases for border security are a pittance of the amount of this request. Instead of putting out the fire Obama is planning to increase the services available to illegals.  Also, Obama has rejected calls to fix loopholes in current law that would make it easier to stop the flood and deport those who have arrived. He also appears to have ignored calls by House Speaker John Boehner and Texas Governor Rick Perry to put the National Guard on the border.

Obama's emergency funding  request provides no effective scheme to deter tens of thousands more from crossing the border. Instead they know that Obama is working to make their arrival more comfortable and provide them the legal help they need to make a case to stay. And while Obama continues to blame Republicans for failing to pass comprehensive immigration reform (amnesty) there is not one element of that comprehensive approach that would stop this current invasion. Just the opposite.

Republicans Have a Better Plan

I don't know anyone who disagrees that we have to provide a basic level of care for the children who arrived here illegally. But, our emphasis should be on stopping the flow of illegals and returning those who have arrived to their families as soon as possible. There is no good that can come out of warehousing children for months or even years waiting for some outmoded legal process to conclude.

The first thing Obama could do to stop the invasion is to make strong and unambiguous statements that the invasion must stop. That message should not be confused with Obama's current rhetoric to advance comprehensive amnesty. Note the number of times he praises immigrants and comprehensive reform and compare it with the number (any?) where he says illegals should stay home.

Next, order the National Guard to the border and provide whatever additional resources the Border Patrol needs to make an effective stand to seal the border.

As part of this effort Obama should end his unilateral policy which ended deportations of minors. A request signed by 33 members of Congress makes this plea directly to Obama. This would be a great opportunity to show he's serious about working with Republicans and listening to their ideas.

Here are more GOP ideas:
  • End the catch and release policy which allows illegals to enter the country with a promise to show up for court.
  • Stop releasing convicted criminal aliens from detention.
  • Obama should declare that new arrivals will not receive ANY legal status to remain.
  • Crack down on fraudulent asylum claims.
  • Implement tougher standards for "credible fear" claims.
  • Restore agreements with local law enforcement agencies to enforce immigration laws. 
  • Give Border Patrol agents access to federal lands that are currently off limits.
Hours after a photo op showing Obama playing pool and drinking beer in Denver Obama rejected calls he go to the border calling it a photo op.“I'm not interested in photo ops, I'm interested in solving a problem,” he said. Well, here's his chance to prove it. Plenty of solid solutions to the problem and ways he could work together with Republicans to address the issue. Will he do so or will he side again instead with the activists who support illegal immigration? Place your bets!

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