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Monday, August 11, 2014

Aftermath of Missouri Shooting by Police: Is Violence, Vandalism and Looting a Legitimate Form of Protest?

No, but it does highlight a problem in the black community that is never honestly addressed!

A tragedy in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson Missouri where a young black teen was involved in an assault on a police officer and was shot by the cops. Following a vigil and protest the scene got ugly. Crowds shooting "kill the police" were followed by looting and vandalism.

The protest started peacefully:

Is this the "humanity" that protester was appealing to?

Only 16% of black teens have jobs. The looting and burning of businesses in Ferguson means fewer jobs in such areas where violence seems to be a higher priority.

Let the Racebaiting/Fundraising Begin

Now we learn that the attorney which represented the family of Trayvon Martin in Florida has offered his services to the family of the dead teen. Al Sharpton and his band of racial provocateurs are on their way. How long will it be before Obama declares the dead teen could have been his son?

This sad episode couldn't come at a better time for Democrats looking to gin up racial anger in advance of the November election. Once again, truth will be set aside!

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