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Monday, August 11, 2014

Democrats Trying to Convince Gullible Voters They Are Like Republicans

Don't be fooled. Once in office they'll behave just like the big spending liberals they really are!

In Alaska, Democrat Senator Mark Begich is up for re-election this fall. He's running an ad suggesting that he's just like Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski who objected and had lawyers send a cease and desist order to Begich.

The tactic of pretending Democrats are something they are not isn't unique to Alaska this year. Politico has a story with a whole list of Dems some of whom are trying to sound like they are members of the Tea Party.

But voters need to know that despite what these Dems say, the minute they are elected to either the House or the Senate they owe their allegiance to either Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid and are pledged to support their leadership which has been consistently left wing.

A vote for ANY Democrat for federal office is a vote for more Obama/Reid/Pelosi liberal shenanigans. Don't be fooled by thinking the donkey can change it's spots!

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