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Saturday, August 09, 2014

Squeegee Men Returning in New York A Visible Sign of Decline Under Democrat de Blasio

Once again, New York is being driven into the ground by failed liberal policies and the poor will pay the biggest cost!

I remember what it was like driving in New York City the last time they had a Democrat mayor. It was in the late 1980's and often when you came to a stop some goon would jump in front of your car with a dirty rag and smear it around your windshield and attempt to charge you for the service. Most of the time your windshield was dirtier after this treatment than before. That kind of silliness was a sure sign that something was wrong with New York. Three successive Democrat Mayors had managed to bankrupt the city, diminish public services and do little as crime took it's toll particularly on minority and poorer residents. Trash used to blow down the streets in high winds as if to put an exclamation point on the failure of big government liberals to manage anything well.

When Republican Rudy Giuliani was elected Mayor all that changed. The same was true during the tenure of Michael Bloomberg. But now New York has a Mayor who believes his job is about using his power for some utopian social justice ideal. Sadly, the poor who he pretends to care about will be the biggest losers.

New York is already experiencing the first signs of financial stress is likely to undermine city services. Greedy unions with Democrats in office won't do much to slow the rot. But perhaps one of the most visible signs that something is wrong is this:
They were the ultimate symbol of the lawlessness and blight of the 1980s and early 1990s — and now they’re making a comeback.

Squeegee men are menacing motorists across New York City, including spots near the Holland, Lincoln and Queens-Midtown tunnels, as well as the Queensboro Bridge, The Post has learned.

Residents and drivers who pass through the areas said the panhandlers are spraying and wiping windshields without permission to shake down drivers for cash.

Their sudden return is an ominous sign according to the proven “broken windows” theory that has kept the city safe by having cops crack down on minor offenses to prevent bigger, violent crimes.
Maria Berrios, 49, who has lived in Midtown near the Lincoln Tunnel for 30 years, was stunned to see a squeegee man at the corner of Dyer Avenue and West 36th Street about two weeks ago.
“He looked like he learned how to do it way back in the day. He just picked up his bucket and went back to work,” she said.

In the ’80s and ’90s, a couple of bad apples downtown would vandalize cars if you didn’t give them money.

“I haven’t seen those guys in 20 years. I’m a grandma now — the last time I saw one of them, my kids were in the car.”
“When I seen that one, I was f- -king shocked,” she added, noting he hides his squeegee gear and “pretends to direct traffic” whenever cops come by.
Livery driver German Perez, 43, of Bayside, Queens, said, “I don’t feel secure when I see these guys around.”

“If they come up to my car, and it’s on a dark street, of course, it scares me,” he said.
“Sometimes I’ll have a customer, and I’m trying to get them to the airport as fast as possible, and I have to wait for them to finish cleaning the window.”

“Then sometimes they argue, ‘I’m not getting enough money,’ or I’ll tell them no because the car is really clean, and they’ll still try to do it and then argue with me.
First the squeegee men, next the crime wave followed by fiscal collapse and disintegration of city services. Democrat de Blasio has only been in office eight months. the rest is sure to follow!

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