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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Repeat Deportees Kill Border Agent on Family Fishing Trip

Javier Vega, Jr., a Marine Veteran, murdered in front of his parents by criminal aliens!

There are far too many of these stories. Just a few weeks ago we had the story of Sgt.Brandon Mendoza, a 13 year veteran of the Mesa, Arizona police force killed by an illegal alien drunk driver. The illegal, who had committed other crimes and been deported came back. Mendoza's grieving mother wrote President Obama demanding to know why criminal aliens are not put away for good. No reply from Obama.

Now, Javier Vega, Jr. a Border Agent for six years, former U.S. Marine and father of three was killed when two illegals attempted to rob him and his family as they approached their favorite fishing spot in the border town of La Feria, Texas. As he lay dying from his wounds Vega instructed his father to "keep shooting dad" and his father took his son's gun. His mother also grabbed a rifle and fired on the suspects who fled and were later apprehended. The Daily Mail has the full story.

The killers had been deported multiple times with little more than a slap on the wrist despite their criminal history.

Border Agents are very upset with the loss of their brother agent but also very upset with Administration policy that continues to show leniency towards multiple deportees, even those involved in criminal activity.  One agent went so far as to write a stinging email rebuke to Obama Administration officials:
“Killed while “Off-duty”? This is all you have to say to US about the murder of a Border Patrol Agent by previously deported aliens?!?!?! Thanks to the failed immigration policies of this administration something like this occurs and you don’t want to even acknowledge the actual events in your email to the employees of the DHS?Off duty makes it sound like a car accident, a heart attack, maybe something else.......but really????????? Disrespectful at the least and downright shameful in my opinion!”
In all likelihood, the Obama Administration will deal far more harshly with this Border Agent than they will with the illegals who continue to flood our country and commit crimes. Is it any wonder that the Department of Justice reports an explosion of crime along the Mexican border?

How many more American citizens will be victimized by illegals before the Obama Administration takes this issue seriously? Or is a political issue to bash Republicans more important than the lives of Americans?

A memorial fund has been set up to help his widow and three children.

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