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Monday, October 06, 2014

Big Surprise! Obama Bombing Strategy Failed Against Khorasan Group

Nice of Obama to give the terrorists two weeks warning before bombing began!

In Iraq, Obama's strategy of pinprick bombing against ISIS has had only limited success in keeping the Kurds from outright defeat. Meanwhile, in another part of the country ISIS captured an Iraqi base west of Baghdad and slaughtered hundreds. The threat of pinprick strikes did not deter them. ISIS is a greater threat now to Baghdad than it was before Obama's bombs began falling.

Things are just as bad in Syria where leaders of the Khorasan Group (otherwise known as Al Queda except Obama prefers to think he defeated Al Queda) are reported to have escaped pinprick strikes launched against the group. The Obama Administration had warned that Khorasan was planning an "imminent attack" on the United States. Now they are on the loose.

Thanks in no small part to the two week escape window Obama gave between his speech declaring his resolve to defeat terrorists in Syria and Iraq and the actual beginning of the bombing campaign.

You might actually be forgiven for thinking Obama planned it that way. Not willing to go that far, Brit Hume of Fox News had this to say:

HUME: “I think it’s beginning to look more and more as if our effort against ISIS is every bit as much inspired by politics and a nearing election as was the previous effort in Iraq. The bombing campaign appears to be anything but really intense. . . . It looks like a quite mild bombing campaign undertaken for the purpose of appearing to do something toward the goal, the president says, of ultimately taking down ISIS. My sense, is after he gets past this election, his effort to take down ISIS — I don’t think it’s something he deeply believes in, I don’t think he could possibly believe in the approach he’s taken — will subside.”
Since Obama's actions in Iraq and elsewhere are clearly inspired by politics Hume's conclusion is not surprising or original. Unfortunately, we've discovered from these past five and a half years that Obama doubles down even on a losing hand when a wiser man would know to try a different policy. Knowing that I fear the mess we currently see across the board in national security affairs can only get worse!

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