John Bolton

John Bolton

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The "Lying Game:" Further Proof that Democrats Will Say Anything to Get Elected

And do just the opposite if they are successful!

Across the country Democrats in close Senate races are pretending that if elected, or re-elected they won't support Obama's policies. They are even running campaign ads that make them sound like Republicans by criticizing Obama.

One of the best examples of this kind of misleading message comes from Kentucky where Democrat Alison Grimes runs an ad showing her shooting a gun and proclaiming “I’m not Barack Obama. I disagree with him on guns, coal, and the EPA.”

But among her supporters there's the admission that her disagreement with Obama is nothing more than a smokescreen and that once elected, she'll be right there supporting Obama like so many other Democrats who currently find themselves in close races. Project Veritas went to Kentucky and used hidden cameras at campaign headquarters for Grimes and got the real story:

From FreeBeacon report: “If we can get her elected do you think she is going to do the right thing and she’s gonna try to wipe out that coal industry and go for better resources?” asks an undercover videographer in one segment of the video.

“I absolutely think she is,” responds Fayette County Democratic Party operative Gina Bess.
“She’s saying something positive about coal because she wants to be elected,” said Ros Hines, a staffer in Grimes’ Lexington campaign office. “And in the state of Kentucky, if you are anti-coal, you will not get elected, period, end of conversation.”
“She has to say that,” remarked Juanita Rodriguez of the Warren County Democratic Party. “But you know what? Politics is a game. You do what you have to do to get [elected]. … It’s a lying game unfortunately.”

“I really don’t think her heart is 100 percent in backing coal. But she has to say she is because she will not get a high number of votes in this state if she doesn’t. But she’s got to get in there first and she’s gonna say whatever she has to say or do. And that’s the way the political game is played.”
Across the country vulnerable Democrats are trying to pretend that they don't support Obama's liberal agenda. I doubt there are too many voters gullible enough to believe them. One month to go before election day!

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