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John Bolton

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Caption This: Obama in a Hazmat Suit

Have a little fun with the beleaguered, incompetent President!

Got the following image from a great column by Michael Goodwin in the New York Post titled "A Toxic President." Goodwin opens by saying:
Chalk it up to karma, fate or bad luck. Whatever you call it, the Ebola scare is proof that Bad Things Happen to Bad Presidents.
In this case, X stands for trust.
President Obama has spent six years squandering it, and the administration’s confusion, contradictions and mistakes on Ebola fit the pattern. This is how he rolls.

My suggested caption: "Will this protect me from my own incompetence."

I'm wondering if someone won't come up with an image showing Dem candidates for Senate wearing Hazmat suits before going anywhere near Obama.

One more thing, Hillary's flying monkeys are back just in time for Halloween!

Get your tee shirt here.

UPDATE: People walk out on Obama as he speaks during campaign stop in Maryland. They must have worried about catching Obola. He's toxic!

Women voters abandoning Obama. Tina Brown concludes Obama makes women "feel unsafe." So much for the GOP war on women!

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