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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New Information on Michael Brown Autopsy Confirms Police Officer Wilson's Report

Brown attempted to take Wilson's gun and was not surrendering with his hands up. Also, had recent pot intake in his system!

Earlier I posted on forensic and Officer Wilson's reports which showed Brown was the aggressor in the Ferguson shooting. Now this:
The Post-Dispatch also had three experts examine the official autopsy.
St. Louis medical examiner Dr. Michael Graham says the report supports claims that there was a “significant struggle” in Wilson’s patrol car, and Brown suffered a hand wound at “relatively short range.”

A forensic pathologist from San Francisco, Dr. Judy Melinek, says based on a bullet wound to Brown’s arm, Brown’s palms could not have been facing Wilson in the standard surrender position – with hands up and palms out – when he was shot, and Brown was falling forward or lunging when he was hit by the fatal shot to the top of his head.

Based on toxicology tests, Ohio State University College of Pharmacy consultant Alfred Staubus concludes Brown had used marijuana within a few hours of his death, but it is not clear if he was impaired at the time.
I'd like to know why it took so long to get this information to the public. I never believed that Officer Wilson killed Michael Brown "execution style" as many in Ferguson's black community insist. But then, people who are of that view are unlikely to be swayed by the evidence or objective experts. They continue to threaten "the wrath of God's vengeance" if Wilson isn't tried for murder and convicted.

The real injustice here is the lynching of Officer Wilson!

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