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Friday, November 14, 2014

Dem Post Election Blame Game Turns to Open Civil War in Senate Caucus

They blamed Obama and now they are blaming each other!

First soon to be former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid(D-NV) and his top lieutenants pointed the finger of blame for this years mammoth election loss squarely at President Obama. The Washington Post story which broke the news was particularly scathing.

Not to be outdone the New York Times has a piece appearing Friday reporting the war that has broken out between remaining liberal and moderate Democrats in the U.S. Senate. We often hear of trouble within the GOP ranks. It's refreshing for the Times to admit that it's happening to the Dems as well.

The first sign that trouble was brewing was revealed when the Dem meeting to elect new leaders for the next session of Congress lasted 3 1/2 hours. The Times reports that the moderates were warning the Democrat Party was becoming increasingly isolated from mainstream America by supporting an extreme left wing agenda and the liberals were insisting the reason that Democrats lost is that they were not liberal enough.

Since there are fewer moderates left in the Democrat Senate  (note: there are NO conservatives) we might expect to see the remaining senators take an even more extreme and isolating view as the new Congress opens.

Fine by me if Dems want to make themselves completely irrelevant. This election showed that the American people do not support a left wing agenda. If Democrats refuse to learn that lesson it will have to be taught again. And again!

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