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Friday, December 05, 2014

At University of Virginia Another Big Lie Exposed but Also After the Damage is Done

Rolling Stone didn't fact check story of rape at UVA because it fit with their prejudices and phony war on women!

Months after the most damaging charges in the Ferguson shooting of Mike Brown were repeatedly splashed across the media, the Grand Jury report comes out and multiple black eye witnesses and the forensic evidence reveal the truth. Too little and too late for people who either don't hear the correction or don't care.

And now, another case. Rolling Stone Magazine broke a story about sexual assault at the University of Virginia that got widespread national news coverage. Too bad it wasn't true either. Rolling Stone has now apologized. But will all those who saw the original reports now see the correction? Will they care? The damage has been done and UVA fraternities have been lynched in the media. Meanwhile, UVA has suspended all fraternities as angry protests comprised of the usual troublemakers shut down parts of the campus.

How many examples have we seen of left wing fakery and lies? What does it say about the strength of their case if they have to lie?

 Media leapt to the charge but will the correction receive the same attention? Will the protesters who assumed the frats were guilty apologize? Don't bet on it.  Like the Duke LaCrosse Players wrongfully accused of rape, where do UVA frats go to get their reputations back?

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