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John Bolton

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Children Learn Important Lesson About Freedom and Leftwing Tyranny from Michelle Obama Lunch Program

School kids are taking to Twitter to mock and complain about Michelle sticking her big nose into their school lunch!

Let's face it. Young students today aren't likely to learn much about government and politics in the classroom. Teachers are too busy trying to brainwash kids with global warming and other blame America nonsense. But there is one place at school where kids can learn a practical lesson about politics and it's in the lunchroom.

Kids are taking to Twitter to complain about the crappy school lunches and blame Michelle Obama who as this report in the Washington Post suggests, is the driving force behind the change:
The country's public school meal program has undergone a good deal of change over the past few years, largely driven by a national push for more nutritious lunch trays. And Michelle Obama, arguably the school nutrition movement's most public proponent, has become a symbol of the healthier meals. She was an instrumental player in the implementation of new health standards in 2012.
The Twitter hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama has gone viral in the past few weeks with kids putting photos of their yucky lunches online. Would you eat this?

Some of their comments are pretty on the money:
  • Another filling lunch brought to you by Michelle Obama
  • Michelle Obama ruined my lunch starter pack
  • I bet prisoners eat better food!
  • Sometimes, you can never have enough ketchup.
  • thanks to you I've just stopped eating. At four dollars I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy
Yes, prisoners probably do get better food and more freedom to decide what to eat!

Students are learning that big government will stick it's nose into their lives with unpleasant results. A good lesson to learn at an early age. Next time they see some liberal do gooder politician claim to have their best interests at heart they can keep in mind that it comes with a cost: the loss of their freedom to make even the most basic decisions about what to eat!

Bon appetite!

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