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John Bolton

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Lena Dunham Lied. Another Left Wing Rape Hoax Exposed

If the problems they complain about are as serious as they say, why do they have to lie?

It seems like we could do one of these stories a week. Another lefty lies about some perceived crime or injustice, usually at the hands of some evil Republican or white guy.

Last week it was the gang rape charge at the University of Virginia, which tarred and feathered all the fraternities on campus. But the story was retracted by Rolling Stone which admits they could not verify the claim. And of course we've all heard the "hands up, don't shoot" lie in the Ferguson shooting case which was not supported by the evidence seen in the Grand Jury proceeding.

This tactic isn't new. Fake race and gender hoaxes are common. And let's not leave environmentalists out of this. They're not above hooking a propane tank up to their kitchen faucet and faking the claim that their water is hazardous to drink because of fracking.

Here's the particulars in the Lena Dunham case. Lena was happy to be part of the 2012 Obama campaign, and as such is a great conduit to promote the GOP war on women falsehood. Her autobiography was released recently in which she claimed she was raped by a College Republican named Barry, the campus "resident conservative" when she was a student at Oberlin College in Ohio.

In her memoirs Dunham gives specific details about the encounter. Now her publisher is backtracking. As John Nolte points out:
Lena Dunham apparently wants us to believe this was all some kind of crazy coincidence. Yes, the real Barry One was a prominent Oberlin Republican who worked at one of the school libraries during Dunham's time there. But when she described her alleged rapist as a prominent Oberlin Republican named Barry who worked at the school library, she didn't mean him.
The first thing I'd like to say is have you seen a photo of Lena Dunham? Who would want to rape that? But back to being serious. Barry's identity has been exposed and he's now been tarred with the charge that he's a rapist. He's planning to sue and I hope he does so. But like other hoaxes, the wrongfully maligned have difficulty getting their reputations back. Remember the damage done to the Duke LaCrosse players and those wrongfully accused in the Tawanna Brawley hoax.

As Eugene Volokh points out at the Washington Post more people will see the false and inflammatory charge than will ever see the correction. Barry's been trashed and solely because he's a conservative and therefore an easy target.

Most troubling about this latest fraud is the damage it does to real cases of rape. Dunham's lie reinforces the attitude that some rape victims are lying and real abuses will go either unreported or not prosecuted. Democrats like Dunham are waging a war on the truth and that's hurting women's lives in the same way that those who perpetuate the "hands up don't shoot" falsity in Ferguson damage race relations and take the focus off the real danger to black lives which are black killers, not the cops!

UPDATE: Dem Senator: Fake Dunham, UVA charges make advancing new law on sexual assault more difficult. You heard it here first!

UPDATE: Heather Wilhelm describes Dunham's distorted view of rape. Going back to childhood she accused her 2 year old sister and a man who looked at her as raping her.

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