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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Is the World Upside Down? UN Official Demands Prosecution of CIA for Interrogations, Does Little to Stop Beheading and Sex Enslavement of Children

Is there any better example of how useless the UN is?

The world is literally burning with war and violence breaking out all over the place in the wake of America's withdrawal under Obama. Meanwhile Democrats in the U.S. Senate have nothing better to do than spend $40 million on a report of old news regarding terrorist interrogation in which ONLY THREE of the very worst Al Queda monsters were waterboarded (an effort which saved thousands of live) and in which they did not interview ANY of the key CIA personnel.

That totally biased and partisan report is now being used to further undermine U.S. leadership around the world.

Based on that silly report, top officials in the United Nations are calling for the prosecution of CIA officers.

Forget all about the young girls being held as sex slaves by ISIS or the Christian girls beheaded in Mosul or the mass slaughter of Iraqi and Syrian men. Apparently their human rights are less important than the rights of these terrorist monsters.

Oh sure, we can probably dig up some lame statement from the U.N. condemning the violence but that's as far as it goes. Yet the killing goes on.

Unbelievable that Democrats would play into the hands of America's enemies with such a report but totally understandable that the U.N. has the moral issues completely upside down!

UPDATE: At the Wall Street Journal Former CIA Directors and Deputy Directors write joint op-ed Declaring that enhanced interrogations saved lives.  Ignore their expertise at your peril! More information here.

UPDATE: Reminder from Porter Goss, former Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and later Director of the CIA. Democrats knew and approved of waterboarding and enhanced interrogation techniques at the time they were used.

READER QUESTION: If waterboarding JUST THREE TERRORISTS is such an egregious act that prosecution of those involved is warranted then should Obama be removed from office and prosecuted for ordering the drone attacks which have killed scores of innocent civilians? 

And, how many people died from waterboarding vs. how many lives were saved by the information gathered?

Finally, if waterboarding is torture then why are we doing it to our troops to train them? Should Obama be prosecuted for torture?

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