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Monday, December 15, 2014

Obama Admin. Racial Agenda Now Extends to Car Buying

If you're black you might have gotten a bad deal on your latest car buy and the Obama Administration wants to send you a check!

It's a complicated story by Holman Jenkins in the Wall Street Journal titled "Finding Racism Where It Isn't." I summarize it here.

The Obama Administration's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau claims blacks are getting a bad deal when they go to buy a new car on credit. Actually, they don't know if the people getting a bad deal are black or not because there is no record of race attached to the transactions. They use a dubious statistical tool which looks at the buyer's last name and zip code to guess race. They then go after lenders who they feel have taken advantage of those buyers and demand rebates. If you're black and live in a white zip code you're out of luck. Ditto if your last name sounds white. Oh, and if you are white, forget about it.

Obviously, a government which has enough time to go around trying to guess your race and whether you got a good deal on the last car you bought has too much time and money on it's hands. And while I'm sure the blacks who benefit appreciate the gesture, very real problems like the murder epidemics in those same zip codes are going unanswered. At least they can drive those new cars to the funerals.

This example is just another in a long line of examples which reveal Obama's racialist policies. Start with the Department of Justice refusing to prosecute Black Panthers who violate the Voting Rights Act (that act is only to be used to protect blacks, not whites) and move on from there to Obama personally inserting himself in police matters like Skip Gates ("Cambridge Police Acted Stupidly"), Trayvon Martin and Ferguson.

The damage to race relations from these racialist policies will take years to heal!

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