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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Left's Response to Sony Execs Racial Remarks More Hypocrisy on Parade

You can imagine the uproar if a Republican said the same thing!

When Donald Stirling, now former owner of the L.A. Clippers Basketball team made some racist remarks that were leaked to the press liberals went bonkers and Stirling was forced to sell his team and was banned for life. When the emails of Hollywood libs at Sony Pictures were hacked the reaction was rather more muted.

Oprah provides the perfect contrast:
Oprah Winfrey defended Sony chair Amy Pascal on Monday after Pascal's racist comments about President Barack Obama were leaked to the media. "There are things that you say in your private conversations with your friends and with your colleagues that you would not want to be broadcast on CNN," she told CNN's Don Lemon. Yet in April, Oprah blasted former L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling for his tape-recorded racist comments.

"We're off the plantation! The plantation days are over!" Winfrey told TMZ, adding that she hoped the Clippers would be bought by Magic Johnson. Sterling was banned for life from the NBA and forced to sell the team.

There is no difference between the Pascal and Sterling cases. Both were victims of allegedly illegal eavesdropping.
The lesson here is that if you're part of the liberal in crowd you can say or do whatever you want and it's OK. If you're a Republican or otherwise unconnected from the rich and powerful left wing elite you'll be made an example as a warning to the rest of us to stay in line. Or, as Oprah would understand, if you don't do as your told, you'll be put back on that plantation!

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