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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Taliban Monsters Kill 132 Children After Forcing Kids to Watch as Teacher Burned Alive

When will Obama wake up and do something?

The Daily Mail has the story and more pictures here.

One of the injured Pakistani children receiving urgent care.

ISIS Muslim Monsters behead children in Iraq and Syria. Boko Haram in Africa has been kidnapping children and forcing them to marry. All the Obama Administration did was have Michelle Obama and some State Department flunkies send out a tweet saying #bringbackourgirls.

Lone wolf attacks in Canada, New York City, Sydney and elsewhere are on the rise.

Obama's official statement following the attack Tuesday in Pakistan didn't even mention the Taliban. Perhaps because the Obama Administration has been negotiating with the Taliban and naming them as the culprits might get in the way. In the way of what? Justice for the children!

Since the September 11, 2001 attacks, and even further back, there has been a willful blindness on the part of many liberals. They don't want to admit the painful reality of Muslim terrorism and thus bend over backwards to either ignore the facts or, as Hillary Clinton did recently, somehow understand and "empathize" with them.

How do you empathize with monsters that do this to children and innocent people? The only rational course is to kill them before they kill more of us! You cannot negotiate with EVIL!

For a week Democrats have been fretting about a biased report decrying enhanced interrogation of a handful of terrorists during the Bush Administration. Will they allow the waterboarding of JUST THREE Muslim monsters who are alive and well today to eclipse this very real massacre and the need to address solutions to the problem?

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