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John Bolton

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Friday, January 30, 2015

No More Mitt

A lot of deadwood left to prune before we get to the main event!

No doubt you already saw the news: Mitt's out for 2016. I want to thank the former GOP Presidential Nominee for saving me the trouble of putting together my planned post suggesting he not run.

Romney made two fundamental mistakes in 2012, one messaging and the other tactical. By shying away from the fight with Obama over foreign policy when the press started to howl in Obama's defense he gave away one of the GOP's strongest issues. And by failing to counter Obama's massive spending on paid staffers and offices in key states he ceded the critical get out the vote effort in the handful of key states that determined the race.

We need new blood and new faces at the top of the GOP ticket and Mitt's withdrawal makes that possible. But it also helps Jeb Bush who is now the favorite for the moderate/establishment wing of the party. This will make it harder on conservatives whose vote and fundraising will be split unless they coalesce soon around a single candidate.

Scott Walker anyone?

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