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Monday, February 02, 2015

Media Hypocrisy On Display w/ Attack on Jeb Bush's High School Days

The same folks who refused to investigate Obama and tell us Hillary's scandals are old news are digging up 40 year old dirt on Jeb the same way they did Romney!

Now that Romney is out of the running the news media can focus on picking off Jeb Bush who some consider to the be the GOP frontrunner.

As usual, nothing is out of bounds when it comes to attacking a Republican. The Boston Globe leads off the attack with a hit piece on what a bad boy Jeb was in High School. First, by pointing out he went to Andover, a famous upper crust prep school but also that he smoked pot and was a bully.

It never seemed to bother the media that Obama went to a prep school in Hawaii and smoked pot... A LOT OF POT!

And when questions about Hillary Clinton's many scandals (Whitewater, Rose Law Firm billing records, Travelgate) are brought up we're told it's old news.

Just like Mitt Romney was hounded about his school days Jeb and any prominent GOP presidential candidate will get the same treatment.

And should any of the new Senators like Ted Cruz (TX), Rubio (FL) or Paul (KY) get close to the top their lack of experience will be front page news. Not so with Obama.

The bottom line is that the 2016 campaign will be as nasty, or not more so, than prior races. And as always, there will be a double standard on how candidates from the two parties are covered  by the media and discussed on late night comedy shows.

Of course if Republicans actually had a level playing field where media, academia and Hollywood are concerned we would win every time. That's why the current state of disparity will never be allowed to change!

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