John Bolton

John Bolton

Friday, February 06, 2015

In Confirmation Hearing Obama Pick for Secretary of Defense Reveals Lack of Any Coherent Strategy to Defeat ISIS

It isn't that these people are unprepared. They just do not have any strategy on how to defeat ISIS!

Last September Obama declared "degrade and ultimately destroy the terrorist group known as ISIL."

How's that been working out?

Now that Obama's third Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has quit (three Sec. Defs in five years is another sure sign of a problem) Ashton Carter, the nominee to replace Hagel, was up on Capitol Hill for hearings in the Senate. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) Chairman of the Armed Forces Committee asked Carter what the strategy was to achieve Obama's goal:

McCAIN: What do you understand the strategy to be?
CARTER: Uh, uh, I think, the um uh, a strategy connects ends and means, and our ends in respect to ISIL needs to be it's lasting defeat.
Really? That's the BEST this guy can come up with? Remember that this bunch was supposed to be the smartest ever. Really?

McCain pointed out that what Carter said wasn't a strategy but a repeat of Obama's goal. After more time Carter suggested that the strategy was to strengthen the Iraqi armed forces, which had been working fine in conjunction with remaining U.S. forces in Iraq until Obama threw away all those hard fought gains. In Syria, Carter said the "strategy" was to build up forces in Syria, something Obama called a "fantasy" weeks before he announced that it was part of his strategy.

Meanwhile, are we arming the Kurds, the only force in Iraq that has shown they are willing to fight? Are we helping the Jordanians whose King Abdullah was in Washington asking for help? There is scant evident of ANY seriousness on the part of the Obama Administration in the face of this worsening threat! How many more innocent lives of women and children will be lost before Obama decides to lead?

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