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Friday, February 06, 2015

Measles Outbreak in Liberal Enclaves Gives Pause to Wonder: Does the Left Believe in Science?

Disease spread is a sure sign that ignorance and stupidity on the left is of epidemic proportions!

The left wing media is trying to spin that the only people opposed to vaccines for children are right wing nuts (1,2). Somehow it's Republicans who are "always pushing back against science."

And yet, even at the Daily Show, Jon Stewart had to take liberals to task for refusing to vaccinate their children. The running joke is that you can draw a circle around a Whole Foods store to isolate most cases of measles, a disease that was nearly wiped out until recently. But then, a massive influx of illegal aliens flooded into our cities and schools along with a decidedly left wing rejection of modern vaccinations and the epidemic was off and running.

Here's a map showing the frequency of measles in each state. Notice anything?

The measles outbreak is occurring in primarily blue states that voted for Obama with California the worst. Here's another map showing vaccine exemptions in that state:

Notice that the disease spread is in primarily urban, liberal areas of the state.

It's also important to note that the states with the highest number of vaccine exemptions are also primarily blue states.

2008: Obama and Hillary Express Skepticism on Vaccines

Besides the influx of unvaccinated illegal aliens can this deplorable state of public health have anything to do with the statements of candidates Obama and Clinton who pandered to the anti-vaccine left and suggested vaccines might not be safe?

By all means let's hold any GOP candidate for President accountable for saying something dumb on the necessity of vaccines. But let's also not forget that the problem comes as much or more from ignorance on the left! Stats don't lie!

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