John Bolton

John Bolton

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Obama Admin Announces New Strategy to Defeat ISIS: We're Going to Twitter Them to Death!

Leaping from one feckless bit of nonsense to the next!

Perhaps realizing that a pinprick bombing campaign of about 2,000 strikes (map) in six months hasn't done much to dull ISIS (they've only doubled in size in Syria and have U.S. Marines surrounded at a base in Iraq) the Obama Administration is responding to critics who call their strategy weak and incompetent with a new campaign.

Jihadis need a jobs plan? What about Americans?

First up was Marie Harf, one of a pair of idiots who speak on behalf of the State Department, who recently said "we cannot win this war [with ISIS] by killing them." No, Marie's idea is that we need to help find jobs for jihadis. Never mind that millions of Americans have lost their jobs during the reign of King Barack and haven't joined the jihad. How would you like to drive up to the pickup window of your local Burger King and have the cashier shout "Allahu Akbar! Would you like fries with that beheading?"

Twitter War

Obama is holding his Summit on Violent Extremism this week. You won't find much about it at the White House web site which probably tells you how seriously Obama takes this exercise in stupidity. One idea that is being presented to battle ISIS is a Twitter campaign from the State Department. Yes, ISIS is burning people to death, beheading Christians and children and Obama's State Department is going to get REALLY tough on Twitter. As if messages saying “Think again. Turn away,” are going to deter Johnny Jihadi.

Twitter wars are nothing new to Team Obama. Who can forget other State Department dolt Jen Psaki who put this message out as Russia invaded Crimea: #UnitedForUkraine. Russia went on to send troops and tanks into Eastern Ukraine. Over 50,000 people have since died. Way to go Jen. Another accomplishment for the Nobel Peace Prize president!


And who can forget First Lady Michelle Obama's plea to Boko Haram terrorists who kidnapped nearly 300 girls in Nigeria and sold them into slavery and forced marriages.

Following that plea Boko went on to kidnap MORE girls. Most of whom remain today as sex slaves to jihadis in Nigeria. Some are even being used as suicide bombers in Boko's continuing campaign of terror.

If the Obama Administration's lack of any past success for Twitter campaigns is anything to go by their newly announced effort to fight ISIS will also be a joke that has no effect at all. But remember that liberals get credit for caring. It doesn't matter that they never achieve a result. Tell that to the families of the #BringBackOurGirls!

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