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John Bolton

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Friday, February 20, 2015

PBS Report on Yazidi Women Raises Question: Why Doesn't the Left Care About What is Happening to Women Sold as Sex Slaves by ISIS?

The same people who drum up phony charges of rape at universities are silent on the real brutalization of women by ISIS!

This was on the News Hour on PBS Thursday. It's a long report, over 10 minutes, but it is compelling viewing and important for anyone who wants to understand exactly what is happening to women, and men, caught up in the terrorist web. I would especially challenge any Obama defenders, or others who dismiss or downplay the threat posed by ISIS to watch the entire report before commenting. You might actually have to rethink your blind support of Obama's do-nothing policy.

This is the REAL WAR on WOMEN. What a shame Democrats who cite a phony Republican war on women don't seen to care!

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