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Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Bloody Week of Terrorist Killing and Still Nothing but Indifference from Obama

As the killings mount Obama remains more fixed on attacking Israelis and Republicans than doing ANYTHING effective about terrorism!

It was just last September that Obama declared his anti-terrorism policy in Yemem to be a "success" and a model for efforts across the region. Bad enough that the government in Yemen that was our partner in fighting terrorism has been replaced by Iranian backed radicals, ISIS has gotten into the act.
  • 130 dead in suicide attacks against mosques in Yemen on Friday. ISIS took the credit.
Some success story hunh?
Then this:
  • In Nigeria, soldiers uncovered a mass grave where 100 victims of the terrorist group Boko Haram were found. It is suspected that other mass graves are nearby. Boko has allied with ISIS.
So much for this:

Symbolism like Michelle Obama's twitter message is about all we see from the Obama Administration. In Iraq and Syria where the terrorist plague continues to spread the Obama Administration has done nothing but continue with a very limited campaign of airstrikes. Meanwhile, ISIS is speading fast to other countries like Afghanistan, Malaysia and others (1,2,3)

Obama is doing next to nothing to address this growing challenge. Twice in the last year he's made the claim that the world is "The world is better, safer, more peaceful" (1,2) since he was elected despite clear evidence to the contrary.

Instead of taking the expanding problem seriously Obama is busy trying to make a nuclear deal with Iran that would only make things worse. The only thing worse than an expanding ISIS is an expanding Iran. Yet Obama either doesn't know about that danger or does not care. He's either delusional or criminal in the misconduct of his duty!

UPDATE: Last Americans Evacuated from Yemen. Special Forces at Yemeni air base gone and along with them all vestiges of Obama's once touted anti-terrorism capability. Oh well. Bashing Israel and the GOP is more important!

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