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John Bolton

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Is it Any Wonder States Are Going Broke? Union Activist Sues for $36k Annual Pension After Teaching for ONE DAY!

Another example of union greed at the expense of taxpayers and the education of children!

David Piccioli, a retired lobbyist for the Federation of Teachers union in Illinois, already receives TWO state pensions worth more than $61,000 a year. Now he wants a third for $36k annually for serving as a substitute teacher for ONE DAY.

It's a scam the teachers unions have used to enrich their members at the expense of the taxpayer and to the detriment of public education.

And why shouldn't Piccioli get money for doing nothing? Democrats have made that a staple of their governing program for decades. But if you want to know why public sector unions are in such big trouble you have your answer!

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