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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Un-American: Obama Congratulates Leaders of Iran, Russia and China on Elections but Not Israel

He never misses an opportunity to show what a small, petty man he really is!

The day after Netanyahu's landslide re-election win in Israel leaders from around the world phoned the Israeli Prime Minister to offer their congratulations. Britain, India, Canada, all U.S. allies, phoned Netanyahu. Obama was not among them.

It didn't take long for some to notice that Obama didn't have any hesitation in phoning America's adversaries like Russia, Iran and China when their leaders won an election.

Once again, Obama's behavior is unmistakable for it's pettiness.

Writing at the Washington Post Jennifer Rubin summed it up well:
At this point, Obama’s gross pettiness and rudeness are there for all to see. There is little argument that he has been trying to oust Netanyahu, creating a federal case out of a speech and dispensing aides to badmouth him on background to docile reporters. Obama obviously was a “loser” in one sense, but unlike the real loser (Herzog), Obama cannot bear to call and congratulate the elected leader of the Jewish state. This is not just an insult to Netanyahu, but to the democratic country that elected him. For goodness sake, Obama has called Vladimir Putin to congratulate him after an election widely believed to be fraudulent.

There can be little doubt why relations are so poor. Obama shows more deference to the unelected dictatorships in China, Russia and Iran than he does to our closest Middle East ally. Unfortunately, that message rightly or wrongly is received by our foes that even when it comes to such an ally, the U.S. administration will kick its “friend” to the curb. That communication does more to weaken our bargaining hand than does a letter from 47 senators — which actually tried to impress on the Iranians they had to give us a better deal to get Congress on board.
Obama disses our allies and treats foreign adversaries better than he does Republicans. But we're not supposed to say his behavior is un-American? Why not? It is. Once again, Obama has diminished himself and tarnished the reputation of the office he holds!

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