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John Bolton

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Thank Obama for VICTORY of Conservatives in Israel

Once again, the people have spoken and Obama and liberal and appeasing ideology has been rejected!

Big backfire on Obama's campaign to unseat Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. After years of dissing Netanyahu (affectionately called "Bibi") the campaign has failed. Like the 2010 and 2014 midterm elections, the voters in Israel rejected the liberals and their attacks on Bibi.

Obama pulled out all the stops. He waged a public and personal campaign to attack Bibi. He sent former campaign operatives to Israeli to help the campaign of Bibi's opponents. He even gave money, through the State Department to help organize anti-Bibi efforts.

Pffft! It didn't work. Obama is so reviled by Israelis (1,2) that the effort backfired! Obama's criticism of Bibi's speech before Congress only elevated Netanyahu's public position and diminished Obama.

The final results in the Israeli election aren't in yet. But video showing cheering crowds at Bibi's headquarters compared with an empty room at Obama's liberal Israeli allies is all anyone needs to see to know the result.

Thanks Obama! You're heavy handed screw-up is just what the doctor ordered. Keep it up for 2016!

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