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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Empty Stadium in Baltimore is Visible Proof of Failure of Liberal Government

Decades of liberal government in big cities has led to this moment!

The Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox play to an empty stadium because the city government cannot guarantee the safety of the fans.

How many dozens of low wage workers, the ticket takers and concession vendors, were out of work today? How many more lost their jobs permanently as businesses were burned in Baltimore earlier this week? In the black neighborhoods where riots broke out black unemployment was already at 21%. Will new business even consider investing in these communities now?

$22 Trillion is not enough?

Yet we have a city government in Baltimore that has been run by one party liberal Democrat rule for generations. The Wall Street Journal calls it the "Blue City Model" in which progressive policies have resulted in high crime, low economic opportunity and poor education for those most in need of a better way of life. Over the past fifty years the U.S. government has spent $22 TRILLION on anti-poverty programs and the poverty level is about the same as it was when this massive redistribution started.

Obama tries to place some of the blame on Republicans for not endorsing MORE spending on failed programs. Hillary Clinton declared "there is something profoundly wrong" with the criminal justice system that locks up so many black men. Is she aware that in Baltimore blacks make up 63% of the population but 90% of the homicide victims are black as are the perpetrators of these crimes?

As Baltimore burned, police were told by the Mayor, who is black, to "stand down." All those who lost property, or were injured or lost jobs can thank her and the decades of Democrat rule which preceded her for creating this situation. No amount of new spending will make the slightest difference if this Mayor, or Hillary Clinton continue to ignore the problem of lawless thugs while lobbying for more spending that never ends and only benefits big unions and campaign contributors.

Isn't it time to find a new way to help these plagued urban areas? Haven't the residents there suffered enough from the failures of big government liberalism? There's no way Republicans are to blame for this mess. Perhaps it's time to give the GOP the chance to solve the problem!

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