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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Is Injustice Towards Hundreds of Baltimore Residents Justified for Social Justice?

How many hundreds of black residents need to have their property destroyed by rioters using social justice as an excuse?

Baltimore riot. Just another excuse for mayhem!

The Daily Mail has a roundup of photos from the riot in Baltimore Monday night. To the right you see the black owned business that was destroyed by rioters. So much black owned property was destroyed Monday night.  Not that the color of one's skin should make a difference. Where's the justice for these property owners?

So many businesses destroyed. So many jobs for African Americans lost. A neighborhood turned into a war zone. This isn't a protest over the death of a black man in police custody. It's mayhem!

The police stood down while the violence got out of control. Dozens of calls to the Police when unanswered. In an interview Tuesday Baltimore City Police Commissioner Anthony Batts insisted the lack of police response was due to a concern for the teenage children who were part of the riot. Yet, the majority of arrests, few as there were, were of adults.

If Only ALL Mothers Were Like This!

If there is a bright spot in all this it's the conduct of mother Toya Graham who saw here 16 year old son engaged in the mayhem and put a stop to it. Like so many in the African American community Toya is a single mother. There is no father to offer guidance for her son. She had to do it. Watch:

The woman is Toya Graham. She did not want her only son to be another statistic of the kind of senseless violence against the community that has plagued so many inner cities. There are tens of thousands of women, men too, who have seen the endless cycle of violence and economic deprivation that grips many American inner cities (all run by Democrats for generations). Are they ready to stand up and demand real change for THE BETTER? One day I hope they will!

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