Sunday, June 07, 2015

After Five Years of "Study" Obama's EPA Declares Fracking for Oil and Gas Represents No Direct Threat to Drinking Water

So naturally, environmental zealots want another study!

Democrat attempts to appease environmental zealots follows a predictable course. First, the envirowhackos raise outrageous and wholly unsubstantiated charges about some energy project. If they have to, they will even fake evidence as they did when they hooked up propane tanks to a kitchen faucet then lit the water on fire as if fracking was the cause.

Of course their Democrat allies will react to these lies by declaring we must study the problem to get the facts. Then, when one study by government agencies proves there is no environmental threat, Democrats will demand another and another. If that doesn't work, environmental zealots will move to the courts where again they will use any tactics, any lie, to stop energy projects.

It's been the same with the Keystone Pipeline and fracking.

But after years of having their scare tactics exposed as empty lies the truth does finally come out:
Fracking does not pose a direct threat to drinking water supplies, the Obama administration said Thursday in a major study that represents a serious blow to environmentalists and other vocal opponents of U.S. oil and gas production.

The landmark Environmental Protection Agency report, nearly five years in the making, found that the drilling technique had no "widespread, systemic impacts on drinking water." The conclusion casts doubt on the wisdom of President Obama's latest regulations for governing fracking on public lands and undermines the claims of environmentalists, many Democrats, some liberal media outlets and others who have led the charge against fracking.
"Hydraulic fracturing has brought cleaner air, significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions, created millions of jobs, reduced energy prices, strengthened national security, and turned the American economy around," said Katie Brown, a researcher with Energy in Depth, a project of the Independent Petroleum Association of America. "With this new report, it couldn't be clearer that shale development is occurring in conjunction with environmental protection — and the claims by anti-fracking activists have been thoroughly debunked."

Several lawmakers say the findings highlight the foolishness of the administration's latest regulations controlling fracking on federal lands. The rules, released by the Interior Department in March, specifically call for enhanced measured to protect drinking water supplies, such as requiring stronger boreholes to stop any leakage.

"After five years of study, the EPA learned exactly what the states, industry and even some of the more competent bureaucrats in the Obama administration have known for some time — hydraulic fracturing is not a threat to drinking water. This report is damaging for the administration and contradicts a predominant claim the White House has used to justify a federal fracturing rule," said Rep. Rob Bishop, Utah Republican and chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee.
Sadly, this isn't the end of the environmental charade. Democrats and their allies will insist on MORE studies hoping to find something to validate the lies they have told.

But like global warming where scientists have to "adjust" temperature data to make the past appear cooler than it actually was or fracking or Keystone, we have to wonder that if the case environmentalists had was so strong why do they have to lie about it?

Democrats, environmental zealots and their media allies have become the new "deniers" and anti-science. But that won't stop them from continuing with their propaganda campaign. After all, there's too much money at stake and hasn't that ALWAYS been their motivation?

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