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John Bolton

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Monday, June 08, 2015

Obama at G-7 Summit: "We Don't Yet Have a Complete Strategy" To Defeat ISIS

How long has he dithered about this? And why is he spending so much time on global warming instead?

ABC News has the story. Obama blamed the lack of strategy on the Pentagon which stretches credulity beyond the breaking point since this issue has been front and center for several years.

Meanwhile, thousands more innocent men, women and children die in horrific circumstances because Obama cannot lead!

UPDATE: Obama Ignores Iraqi Prime Minister at Summit!

Is there any better visual evidence of Obama's indifference to the Iraqi crisis than the video shown here where the Iraqi Prime Minister sits down next to Obama at the G-7 Summit and Obama totally ignores him? Finally, the Iraqi leader, whom Obama sought out as part of what he hoped would be a solution to the problem looks at his watch and walks away!

You just have to wonder what is going on inside Obama's head? Is he so oblivious to what is going on around him? Or so indifferent? or both?

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