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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Why is Marco Rubio's Fishing Boat Newsworthy but John Kerry's Yacht or Hillary's Book Deal Not?

Just shows how far the left wing media will go to trash Rubio while perpetuating the myth that Dems are men, or women, of the people!

Bad enough the New York Times thought it was newsworthy that Marco Rubio got 4 traffic tickets in 20 years.  Next, they went after Rubio's lifestyle and finances. Apparently Rubio got an $800,000 advance in a book deal to tell the story of his Cuban heritage. From that he spent $80,000 on what the NY Times called "a luxury speedboat."

That conjours up images of some fast cigarette boat zipping over the waters of the bays around Miami. Here's what the boat looks like:

A "luxury speedboat?"
The Times report suggests Rubio's purchase was "inadvisable." Did you ever read the New York Times remarking on the advisability of 2004 Democrat presidential candidate and Secretary of State John Kerry's $7,000,000 yacht? Did the Times ever complain that Kerry keeps his yacht moored in Rhode Island to avoid paying taxes which would be levied if the boat were in Massachusetts?

And have you heard the times complain that Kerry's yacht was made in New Zealand whereas Rubio's boat is made in the USA?

John Kerry's $7,000,000 yacht
But the Times wasn't done trashing Rubio. Next they went after his house. In 2005 the Rubio's bought a house which the Times describes as "among the more expensive in West Miami, stood out from the aging homes nearby: It includes an in-ground pool, a handsome brick driveway, meticulously manicured shrubs and oversize windows."

Here's Rubio's house on top followed below by  Hillary Clinton's New York home. Who do you think is more in touch with the common man?

By the way, did the NY Times ever decry the $14,000,000 advance Hillary Clinton got for her book?

Isn't it ironic that uber rich Democrats get a pass on their wealthy lifestyle while hard working up and coming Hispanics like Marco Rubio get attacked for their modest gains? And did the Times ever wonder how Sen. Harry Reid, the Democrat leader in the U.S. Senate got rich earning a top salary of less than $200,000 a year? No, instead they go after Rubio and his boat!

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