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Friday, June 12, 2015

Bipartisan House Votes Show Reps. Don't Trust Lame Duck Obama on Trade!

And for some House Dems, it's personal!

Obama pulled out all the stops to try and save his secretive trade bill. He went to the unprecedented step of showing up at the Washington Nationals baseball game on Thursday to personally plead with Nancy Pelosi.  The former House Speaker stunned House colleagues by coming out against the bill.

On Friday Obama made another direct attempt by showing up on Capitol Hill Friday morning before the vote. Unfortunately, he couldn't break the habit of a lifetime in attacking the motives of those who disagree with him. From CNN:
"The President tried to both guilt people and impugn their integrity. I was insulted," Rep. Peter Defazio, D-Oregon, told reporters after the meeting.

One House Democrat told CNN on the condition of anonymity that in Friday's meeting, Obama "was fine until he turned it at the end and became indignant and alienated some folks. Bottom line, he may have swayed some Ds to vote yes, but Pelosi sealed the deal to vote no."

Another House Democrat said Obama's last-minute lobbying effort "absolutely" hurt the bill's chances.
So, imagine the irony when establishment House Republicans, who are routinely demonized by Obama when they don't support him, were left in the position of trying to save him from this monumental defeat.

Do you suppose Obama will thank those GOP leaders and drop future attacks on their motives as a reward? Don't hold your breath!

The New York Times headline on this defeat describes how "Democrats desert their President." You can't have a clearer definition of a lame duck!

P.S. Hillary Clinton, the self styled people's champion and fighter, recently headlined in the Washington Post as candidate who "won't back down or go away" was nowhere to be seen. Some fighter!

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