Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New Film Exposes ISIS Slave Market in Young Girls

Where are the women's rights advocates?

Remember the "war on women" that Democrats insist was being waged by Republicans? Because Hobby Lobby only paid for 16 forms of birth control but not abortion drugs the Dems told us the entire GOP doesn't care about women.

But where are these activists when young girls are being ripped from their parents and sold as sex slaves by ISIS? There's the REAL war on women and you won't hear a peep from Democrat activists!

Suprisingly, the Frontline program on PBS has a new documentary (full length video) highlighting the problem. Here's the trailer:

As ISIS and terror related groups like Boko Haram continue to expand the cancer grows. And yet, the most we see from the left was a hashtag campaign #bringbackourgils when Nigerian school girls were kidnapped and sold as slaves. They're still gone from their families. How many thousands more will be brutalized? Ask Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. They and their minions on the left are to blame for their indifference to this evil. It's the real war on women and it's brought to you by Democrats!

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