Sunday, July 12, 2015

Obama's Silence on the Death of Kate Steinle at Hands of Repeat Deportee Illegal Aliens Tells Us Much About His Motivations

He can't score political points from her death the way he did with other high profile cases!

Kate Steinle. Killed
by repeat offender
illegal alien.
When Donald Trump accurately described Mexico's policy of dumping their most illiterate, poor, unskilled and criminal citizens across the U.S. southern border the news media pounced. How dare he say such a thing even if it's true!

A week later Kate Steinle was murdered walking along a tourist area in San Francisco by a gunman who had multiple felony arrests and  had already been deported five times but was recently released by the City of San Francisco due to it's Sanctuary City policy despite requests for detention from federal authorities.

Considering the high profile nature of the case many have wondered why Obama hasn't weighed in on the case. He's certainly no stranger to involving himself and his administration in high profile cases, particularly where race is involved.

Megyn Kelly at Fox News goes deeper:
A stark contrast to what we saw after Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson. A man we know was attacking a police officer at the time of his death. His funeral saw three Obama officials in attendance, his death drew comments from President Obama personally and his administration also sent in the DOJ and 40 FBI agents dispatched to Missouri after Michael Brown was killed. Where is the swarm of agents in San Francisco?

Then there was Freddie Gray in Baltimore, a repeat drug offender who was killed in police custody. Here again his funeral was attended by three Obama administration officials and again the President spoke personally to Freddie Gray’s death. And again sent the DOJ in to investigate. When Trayvon Martin was killed in Florida, the president spoke to his death which was later ruled to be in self-defense. But Katie Steinle, nothing. No comments, no swarm of FBI agents, no DOJ investigation, nothing. Why?
We all know the answer as Scott Johnson at Powerline points out. There was no politcal gain for Obama in mentioning Kate's murder. No fundraising appeals for Al Sharpton and friends. No way to score cheap political points. Only embarrassment at supporting an open door immigration policy that deliberately allows the worst sort of people from Mexico to enter the U.S.

According to the Government Accountability Office:
The percentage of all federal prisoners who are criminal aliens has remained the same over the last 3 years--about 27 percent. The majority of criminal aliens incarcerated at the end of calendar year 2004 were identified as citizens of Mexico.
Family Security Matters reports that hundreds of thousands of illegal alien felons remain at large within the U.S. It's likely the number may be even higher as we don't know how many illegal felons who have been deported have also returned.

While inartful in his description of illegal aliens, Donald Trump's main point was correct. And Obama's silence is all the proof you need!

UPDATE: Mexican illegal kidnaps and rapes 13 year old girl. It's a War on Women and it's being facilitated by DEMOCRATS!

The list of crimes committed by illegal aliens continues to grow (1,2,3) Who stands up for the rights of American citizens?

Writer Marc Thiessen expands on the theme of Obama's silence:
Why has Obama been so reticent to speak out? Perhaps it is because any soul-searching in this case would require him to confront the fact that his administration has been releasing tens of thousands of dangerous illegal immigrants with criminal convictions into our communities — including many who have gone on to commit murder.
It got little notice, but on May 28, Sarah Saldana, director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, admitted in a letter to Sens. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) and Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) that between fiscal years 2010 and 2014, the Obama administration had released “121 unique criminal aliens who had an active [deportation] case at the time of release and were subsequently charged with homicide-related offenses.”
In 2013, the Obama administration released 36,007 illegal immigrants with criminal convictions — 1,000 of whom were subsequently convicted of other crimes after their release. Last year they released 30,558 such immigrants. According to the House Judiciary Committee, only 8 percent of those were due to the Supreme Court’s decision in Zadvydas v. Davis, which requires that illegal immigrants be released after 180 days if their home countries won’t take them back. The other 92 percent were released because of Obama’s policies.
Obama doesn’t want to talk about that.

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