John Bolton

John Bolton

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Obama Tried to Use Tenth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina to Politicize Climate Change but Weather Would Not Cooperate

It's been ten years since a major storm struck the United States but Obama continues to try and sell doom and gloom to enrich his green buddies!

Obama's speech and the press releases were already written when Hurricane Danny began churning into the Caribbean ten days ago. Then pfft! Danny just disappeared. Oh well, Tropical Storm Ericka popped up right behind Danny and the warnings went out in Florida then pfft! Ericka did cause major flooding and loss of life on the tiny Island of Dominica but will likely cause only minor flooding and relieve any existing dry conditions when her remnants reach the United States. Global Warming alarmists can however keep their fingers crossed that a new wave off the coast of Africa will fulfill their alarmist predictions.

But Obama went to New Orleans on Thursday and trotted out the big lie just the same when he said "We are going to see more extreme weather events as a result of climate change — deeper droughts, deadlier wildfires, stronger storms." He's signing off the same scare book that has been used ever since Katrina with sky is falling predictions which never come true!

Do you remember the post Katrina hype? CBS anchor Russ Mitchell reported one month after Katrina for years now, experts have been saying we’ve entered a period of increased hurricane activity that may last a long time...there's no end in sight.” Seems for now that there's "no end in sight" to the LACK of hurricanes.

Still, the alarmists can cling to the current number of large storms in the Pacific. But the overall index of global cyclonic activity known as the Accumulated Cyclonic Energy Index or ACE is still at historic lows. ACE measures not just number of storms but total energy:

All of this information on hurricanes and other weather events is available to Obama from U.S. Government agencies that track such things. If he is misinformed it's because he chooses to be!

Meanwhile the scare machine continues to churn faster than an Atlantic hurricane. The latest bit of nonsense was the claim that July was the hottest month EVER recorded. Except that the dubious honor was awarded by 8 one hundreds of a degree measurement from a global temperature system that admits to an error margin of 14 hundreds of a degree and is likely much higher. How do you measure global temperature anyway? Is there a giant thermometer? And with so called "scientists" telling us the science is "settled" why do they keep changing past temperature records to make the present seem warmer. Explain the following animated graphic:

How is the "science settled" if climate change alarmists
change past temperature records to make it appear today is hotter?
What's Obama up to? Enriching his campaign contributors. He announced this week that another $12 billion in federal loan giveaways for his green friends. Like that worked out so well the last time with Solyndra and many more green firms going bankrupt. But not to worry, his campaign contributors made out like bandits on the deals anyway!

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