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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Obama Exploits Race Crime But Ignores Crimes Where Whites Are Victims

He let the Genie out of the bottle and doesn't seem at all interested in getting it back in!

In the last few days a disturbing number of murders with racial components have been committed. You won't hear much about race in connection with these crimes because the victims were white and the killers black.
Killer Vester Flanagan (right) believed black grievance culture
justified his killing to Adam Ward and Alison Parker in Virginia.
The killing of Ward and Parker was particularly heinous because it was broadcast on live television with the killer  putting the video on social media following the act. Flanagan released a 23 page manifesto which made it clear that race motivated his actions. Why hasn't the complete manifesto been released?

You didn't hear a word about the killings from Obama other than to suggest that guns were the problem. Search the White House web site and you'll find multiple references to Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown or the Charleston church shooting. You won't find anything about the motivations of Vester Flanagan.

Obama even delivered a eulogy at the funeral for victims of the Charleston church shooting. And the nation was embroiled for weeks on a discussion of the Confederate Flag and accusations of white racism. Not a peep this time.

Then the second killing:

Texas Deputy Darren Goforth shot and killed execution-style by Shannon Juruary Miles on Friday.
Again, no word of condolence from Obama.
Note that no one burned down a CVS drug store to protest this killing. Recently   #BlackLivesMatter activists have urged the killing of whites and cops. On Saturday, another BlackLivesMatter group protested in Minnesota with the chant: “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon!”

Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman blamed "dangerous national rhetoric" for the killing. Will Obama acknowledge his part in raising the temperature of racial discourse in the cases he hand picks? Will his agent Al Sharpton or any of the Black Lives Matter crowd face the same scrutiny as whites who may have strong racial views? We know the answer: NO!

Many of those who perpetrate these crimes are themselves victims, albeit willingly, of the race grievance industry that has tentacles buried deep in American culture and academia where now "microagrression" can mean just about anything to justify your action. Sally Kohn, liberal commenter at CNN tweeted that despite Vester Flanagan's mental illness he "appears to acted out of sense of victimization i have no reason to believe not justified."

As long as the left is willing to find justification for acts of violence the killing will continue and race relations continue to deteriorate. The race war that white Dylan Roof sought in Charleston and Vester Flanagan sought in Virginia will be the consequence of left wing political correctness gone mad!

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