John Bolton

John Bolton

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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

In First Ad Battle Between Bush and Trump Bush Gets Upper Hand

Though whether it will matter to Trump supporters is an open question!

GOP presidential candidate has an Achilles heel on immigration. Like so many other establishment candidates he's been weak on the issue. Trump exploits that in this new ad:

Simple and to the point in a few seconds. For a first effort it's acceptable. Trump deserves credit for continuing to raise the issue.

Bush retaliates by questioning Trump's conservative credentials. We've previously seen Rand Paul do the same, now Bush:

Trump insists that Reagan was once a Democrat but as I previously pointed out, Reagan didn't just wake up a few years before running for President and declare himself a conservative. He had a record that went back more than a decade supporting conservative candidates and causes.

In this first ad match up the nod goes to Bush!

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