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Friday, September 04, 2015

Consequence of Obama and #BlackLivesMatter Anti-Cop Rhetoric is More Deaths of Blacks at the Hands of Other Blacks

Murder rate is skyrocketing with black on black murder at epidemic levels in some cities!

Far beyond the relatively small number of blacks killed by cops are the thousands of black who are murdered by other blacks every year. In the wake of unrelenting attacks on police by Obama, Holder, Sharpton and now Black Lives Matter it appears that hundreds more blacks are dying as a result. And they are dying in cities dominated by Democrats with strict gun control laws where Black Lives  Matter has been particularly active:

In Washington, DC where violent crime hits blacks particularly hard the Black Lives Matter crowd booed Mayor Muriel Bowser when she announced that she was putting more cops on the street to battle the epidemic. The booing and interruptions continued for nearly 20 minutes. It's important to note that DC's police force is overwhelmingly made up of black officers.

Isn't it a bloody irony that the Black Lives Matter crowd would protest a black Mayor and black officers trying to save black lives?

But the irony continues as the Democratic National Committee passed a resolution the previous weekend showing their support for Black Lives Matter. Do Democrats officially support a group that objects to black cops saving black lives?

How many more grieving parents will suffer this nightmare because Obama and Black Lives Matter continue to keep the focus off the real problem?

Heartbroken parents Tiffany Orr and Ronald Wallace Sr. cry over their son, Ronald, during his funeral in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

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