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John Bolton

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Obama's Failure: Bipartisan Report Documents "the largest global convergence of jihadists in history" in Syria

Why is Obama so disengaged? Does he really think it's a good idea to give the Russians the lead in fighting terrorism in the Middle East?

A new bipartisan report  (PDF) from the Committee on Homeland Security in the U.S. House of Representatives chronicles how the global jihad has gained the ultimate foothold in Syria and Iraq despite Obama's many promises to "degrade and defeat" ISIS.

In key findings of the report the Committee declares: "we are witnessing the largest global convergence of jihadists in history in Syria, and foreign fighters have taken the lead in recruiting a new generation of terrorists to spread terror back home." Thousands of fighters are flocking to Syria but hundreds of highly radicalized fighters are returning to the United States. They're not going back to work at McDonalds!

Meanwhile, a key city in Afghanistan has now fallen to Islamic extremists. Defeat looms across the board!

Obama is doing  NOTHING! Failure to preserve the  hard won victory in Iraq, Afghanistan and failure to have any kind of coherent and effective policy in Syria means the terrorists are winning. And there's no better recruitment tool than success.

The next attack on the United States will be a direct result of Obama's indifference/incompetence. And all those who have supported him will be responsible as well!

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