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John Bolton

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Turns Out Most American Muslims WOULD Replace U.S. Consitution With Shariah Law!

Dr. Ben Carson was right. A Muslim holding these views should never be President!

A report last week from New Jersey should have been a wake up call. Muslims demanded schools close for a Muslim holiday the week before the holiday began. New Jersey schools said no. One angry Muslim threatened: “We’re gonna be the majority soon.”

And what do you suppose America would look like if Muslims were in the majority? According to a recent poll a majority of American Muslims said they would support Shariah Law replacing the U.S. Constitution. Some are not shy about expressing their demand that Islam would be the dominant religion and even that violent jihad is acceptable to bring about that outcome.

Too bad the American news media is bending over backwards to bash Ben Carson and anyone else who points this out. The media freedoms they enjoy will be among the first to go, right along with liberal pet peeves such as gender equality, the minutes Muslims run the show!

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