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John Bolton

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Friday, October 23, 2015

2016 GOP Polling Update

From Real Clear Politics an average of national GOP 2016 polls. Click link for more information.

Both Carson and Trump have dipped up from a September slump and maintain their dominance in national polls. Carly Fiorina is having an October slump. Meanwhile Ted Cruz has been ticking up and now ties with Rubio and Bush.

On Wednesday, October 28 CNBC will host the next GOP debate. I will update the polling graphic again after new polling comes in.

Ted Cruz, Likable and Conservative

After dismissing Ted Cruz's chances, the politics web site 538 comes out with a more favorable view of the Texas Senator's chances. Among the metrics that persuaded the writer to give Ted another chance were these based on polling of likely GOP primary voters:

Don't forget... Debate on Wednesday, October 28!

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