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Friday, October 23, 2015

Carly Fiorina Visits Mike's America

A full house in Mike's neighborhood gives Carly the thumbs up!

Photo by Mike's America
Apologies for the terrible photo but the lighting in this community hall is especially bad and the better photos of the candidate were worse for lighting. But that didn't dampen the enthusiasm of hundreds of local residents who turned out to see Carly Fiorina in my South Carolina neighborhood this afternoon.

Carly gave her usual impressive stump speech which hit all the right notes with this crowd then followed it up with a free-wheeling Q&A session. Unlike some of the mega events held by candidates like Donald Trump this opportunity to quiz the candidate gives locals the opportunity to really see whether Fiorina fits with with the voters vision of where the country needs to be headed. She did  not disappoint.

Due to lack of notice for this event (I only found out about it as it was underway) I did not have time to get a notepad and record more of the event. I did let Fiorina's South Carolina campaign team know that they need to do a better job publicizing her events. That's one of Fiorina's weaknesses that she doesn't have a seasoned campaign team (most were 20-30 somethings) and a more effective organization.

As I mentioned below Fiorina has taken a downward dip in the latest polls. But there's no reason she can't turn that around with another strong debate performance. Still, with a little over $5 million in the bank she's far behind the middle ground contenders. She'll need to make up ground in the money race if she wishes to improve her campaign organization!

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