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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Syrian Migration Crisis Did Not Have to Happen But Once Again Obama Ignored the Lessons of History

His warped left wing world view that America should pull back from leading has created a powder keg for the future!

It didn't have to be this way:

Refugees on the march through Slovenia headed for Western Europe. Millions are on the move.
Three years ago Obama declared a red line in Syria and warned that there would be consequences if Syria's ruler Assad used chemical weapons. Assad ignored Obama without suffering any consequence and this was one of the results:
Syrian children killed by chemical weapon attack. Red line crossed and Obama did nothing!
In the wake of these crimes against humanity the world waited for leadership and action. None was forthcoming. Syria's cities continued to be turned into bombed out ruins. Is it any wonder so many have fled?

Mostly Syrian men of fighting age wait at the Budapest Hungary train station for a way to reach Western Europe.
The migrant wave consisting mostly of young men are fleeing to Western Europe. But already they are expressing their dissatisfaction with their new home. The Daily Express in London published an article titled "'Bored' migrants BEMOAN lack of cash to buy cigarettes and slow internet in camps." Boredom? Lack of money to buy cigarettes and poor internet? Can you imagine what will happen when the refugees are resettled in their ultimate destination and find themselves segregated by their poor grasp of the native language, unable to find work and nothing to do? It's a breeding ground for trouble and the potential for Muslim radicalism is high.

The lesson from 20th Century history is that you are better off taking effective, though difficult, action when a problem is small than you are if you wait until it gets worse. It would have been difficult for Obama to lead an international effort to address the Syrian crisis in it's infancy but the problem and is far larger now and will only get worse. The consequences will be far reaching.

Unfortunately, Obama was raised on a diet of far left ideology that always blames America first. He has deliberately pulled back from leadership, especially in difficult situations and the consequences of America's failure are there for all to see. War is not receding into the past as Obama naively hoped it would. The threats to world peace and the consequent assault on human rights and justice are growing daily. Hillary Clinton, who as Secretary of State also presided over this mess must bear some responsibility for the mess.

We've tried it Neville Chamberlain's way. It's time for another Churchill!

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